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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28865

Charlotte NC Review on December 5, 2020:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We had our AOS interview at 9AM and we were out by 9.20AM. Due to COVID-19 distancing protocol interviewees were let inside into the waiting area exactly at their appointment time.

We were surprised to find TSA level security scanning, which seems in line considering it is a federal facility. Routine, but just didn't expect that earlier.

At the interview, the officer had our 485 and 130 with him and was nice to talk to. He tried to break the ice a couple of time to make us feel at ease, I guess he could read my wife and were a little stressed. After the usual questions he verified that the information in the 130 and 485 about job and residency etc. were still correct. Since my wife and I both changed employers in the meantime, he made those corrections in the form, not sure if it had any significance but could be used to just double check before approving the case. Oh and I also offered to submit a new I864 (affidavit of support) with the updated info about job/income/tax returns etc. but he said that it won't be necessary.

We were also asked about whether we are living together, and when did we move in. And whether the house is in both of our names, which it isn't since I bought the house under just my name over a year and half before getting married when we moved in together.

He asked us about how we met, and what are our hobbies etc. We actually don't have a lot of hobbies together (unless you consider hanging out at home and sending each other funny dog videos a hobby, lol) that are worth mentioning so I got a little worried after that question. We also mentioned how our wedding ceremony was and how many people from my family side were in US for the wedding considering they had to fly out here. After all this he was looking at the stacks of folders we had with us and asked us if we have additional evidence

We handed over our wedding album which was put together specifically for this interview (never needed to print the photographs before, had it on a digital photo frame) after perusing through the wedding and some earlier pictures for a couple of minutes he handed it back, all the while talking to us about a few pictures in a friendly way.

After that he told us verbally that he is going to approve the case, and explained a little bit about I 751 and N400 steps. After that we thanked the officer and I think the interview time was at most 15 minutes.

At the end we were really happy with the way this interview went. I was a little worried that he asked us for evidence and that the case status didn't change that same day, but my wife was confident it was just due diligence on officers part (which is highly likely considering they are under scrutiny from USCIS itself under the current administration to make sure they don't approve "too many" cases :o )

As a feedback for the Charlotte USCIS office, I will say that it is a very efficient facility. And really thankful for our case office who made us feel comfortable in a stressful situation. Really a nice person to talk to, struck the right balance between professionalism and friendliness.

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