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Malaysia Review on December 2, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Hi guys,
I had my interview on 11/24/2020 at US Embassy Malaysia

Interview Completed but no visa issued yet.
IR1 Visa

The officer asked me few questions that might help you:

1) How did you guys meet? (Online dating website)
2) what is the name of the website?
2) where & when exactly you both met for the first time?
3) when both of you decide to get married?
4) when you get married?
5) what your husband do in the US?
6) you used to lived in the UK, what you doing there?
7) have you/ your husband married before?
8. how many kids and where they’re now?
9) where is your in laws?
10) when was the last time you guys see each other?
11) when do you plan to go to the US?
12) do you have kids?
13) where your husband born?
14) how do you communicate with your husband? How frequent?

He just asked me police certificates, marriage certificate and birth certificate. The officer didn’t ask any other supporting documents. I overdone it by bringing my wedding album together with me. But he didn’t asked for it.

Interview went well except for 1 doc original birth certificate I didn’t upload it on the NVC Website. But i brought it with me during an interview. So the officer issued me form 221g and asked me to courier my passport and original birth certificate to them after i upload it on nvc.

So i done it on the same day. And on 11/30/2020 received an email saying it was completed and now waiting for my passport to courier back.

Overall was a pleasant experience. From the security check till finished it took me around 1 hour and 45 minutes. Waiting for the interview and document check quite longer than expected.
Overall was great.

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