Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28623

Lebanon Review on September 29, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I had my interview on the 21st of September at 8:30 am.
I arrived around 30 minutes earlier. I was given a number (5) at entry. Once i got through all the checkpoints, i was lead to a room where i was a given a paper with instructions on how to organize all the documents in a certain order. Then i sat and waited there for about 45 minutes before my number came up. I was asked to remove my mask for identification, then had my biometrics taken. I was then asked for my civil documents and i was asked a few questions like what’s my husband’s name and where does he work/live. He then asked me about my tattoos and what they mean. Then I went back to my seat and waited roughly 10 minutes before i was asked into the interview room. The person who interviewed me was a lovely lady. She asked me:
If my husband has siblings + their names
How and where my husband and I met
Where do we plan on living
Why did we decide to move now
If and Where I currently work
Then she said congratulations you’re approved!
The interview took 5 minutes.
From start to finish everybody at the consulate was very helpful, nice and mindful of how nervous some of us might have been.