Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28449

Hong Kong, China Review on August 16, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My visa interview took place when the US Consulate opened for limited visa interviews.

After security check (pretty smooth as only a few people in the queue), you go to the immigration visa waiting room (2/F).

The waiting room is about 300 sq ft. There are 4 counters similar to those at government offices or bank tellers. Everyone in the room can hear what others say as you only stand in front of these kiosks. You go to Kiosk #1 to check-in. The first staff (Cantonese speaking) asked for the documents. She asked me some questions while she was skimming through my documents to pick the originals. She also asked for my passport (and any passport that has US visa on), passport photo, medical exam receipt (since my medical report wasn't out at that point), photos (evidence of relationship). She took all of those for checking (to be returned to me by the CO later).

Questions this staff asked are like (may not be in the same order as I only recalled from memory)
- Did you schedule your interview by yourself?
- Did you register passport delivery on the website?
- Who is your petitioner?
- How did you guys meet?
- Where is he now?
- Have you been married before?
- Has he been married before?
- Do you have any kids?
- Does your spouse have any kids?
- What does he do?
- What do you do?
- Have you lived in any other country? Do you have all the police certificates?
- Have you ever been to the US?
- When was the last time you saw your spouse?

She gave me a piece of document which is about spousal abuse and your rights. It took about 10 minutes for this part since I also asked some clarifying questions.

Then I was asked to wait in the room. Around 30-40 minutes later, I was called by an American CO. He asked me to take off my mask and left it off throughout the interview, sworn in, took my fingerprints, and then he started asking questions. He seemed to be typing the answers into the computer. Questions were like:

- Where is your spouse at this moment?
- Did you schedule your interview yourself? Or you received an email from NVC?
- Did you log in to the system, create a username/password and register for passport delivery?
- Have you been married before?
- Do you have any kids?
- Has he been married before?
- Does he have any kids?
- What does he do?
- Have you lived in any other country? What did you do there?
- What do you do here?
- When and where did you get married?
- Do you have any families here? Who are they?
- If your visa is approved, will your family be moving with you?

At the end, the CO explained that since my medical report hasn't been received, they cannot approve the visa application at the spot. He gave me the blue sheet (for 221(g)) and paper instructions on what and how to submit to Consulate after my medical report is sent. This part with the CO took about 10 min.

From the moment I stepped into the Consulate to the moment I left, it took about 1 hr 15 mins.

1. Make sure you don't bring any bag that is over the size limit stated on US Consulate HK's website, otherwise they won't let you in.
2. Put all required documents into one folder, and group them as "original" and "copy", and photos for your evidence of relationship. I used a small photo album, and marked the occasion/date/location for each photo. It's good to add photos to those you had submitted to NVC to show the ongoing relationship/marriage.
3. Keep other supporting documents in a separate folder. Only provide if it's asked.

In general, the staff at the Consulate are all very helpful.