Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28381

Bucharest, Romania Review on July 16, 2020:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Hi All,

I was not there myself, but this is my husband's review.

He arrived about 15 minutes early. He was asked for all the items in the interview appointment letter (passport, passport size photo, marriage certificate, his birth certificate, his police clearance certificate, my divorce decree, and any pertinent relationship proof). We had our wedding photos and photos of our visits to each other, which were sufficient. We made a binder that had everything from our petition ANR what we uploaded on CEAC but this is all they really looked at.

He was called up to the window and said the only real "on the record" question they asked him was "when did you guys meet?" He said the consular officer (CO) was super nice and made him feel at ease. The rest of the interview was more conversational. The CO made some jokes about our street name (in California) and talked about my husband's job prospects. He made a sweet comment that we looked really cute and happy together, and that he wishes us the best.

The CO also gave him the tip not to fly through the usual connections of AMS or CDG or LHR, and my hubs asked about flying out from IST, which he recommended. He said hubs will get his passport and visa on Monday, and then he'll be able to come home to me.

I hope this review helps you all out!