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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28234

Review on April 2, 2020:

Aaron and Angie

Review Topic: General Review

Hello everyone, i had my K1 visa interview on 3/4/20 at the U.S embassy in Managua, Nicaragua. Im just trying to help others who are going through the same process as me. This is my experience of my interview as i went through it.

To start off i got to the embassy at 12Pm because my interview was at 12:45. I took the shuttle bus from Plaza LaFe to the embassy because there is no parking for personal vehicles. The shuttle fee was 3$. YOU CAN NOT TAKE ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICES OR PURSES INTO THE EMBASSY. You have to leave them outside at a desginated spot that the embassy has. You have to pay for this service i can not remember the amount but it was't that much.

Even though my interview was at 12:45pm the embassy did not open until 1pm because they were at lunch. In order to get inside they ask you to open your medical exam envelope. (Do not open any envelopes until they tell you). I went through security and i had no problems. It was like going through security at the airport.

Then i got to the first agent (A Nicaraguan Agent) they checked my documents. The agent asked me for my phone number and my fiancee phone number. The agent organized my packet and put the most important papers on top.

After that i went through security again to get in to the waiting room with next set of agents who were going to continue my processing. I started waiting for my turn. When my turn came i got to the next nicaraguan agent who asked for my passport and my medical exam. The agent also did my fingerprints. (The agent kept my passport and medical exam with him).

After that i waited for 1 hour. Then i was called by the american agent for my official interview. First the agent asked my name and then i did more fingerprints. Then he started asking questions about me and my fiancee about how we met. He asked me to show my proof of my relationship. He also asked me questions about my fiancee family. He asked me how many times my fiancee had visitied me. Since i was previously married before. He asked me many questions about that. Also since i traveled to the USA before he asked me what i was doing when i came and how long i stayed when i came. At the end of the interview he told me congratulations and that i could pickup my passport from the place i selected when i scheduled my interview in 2 weeks.

Overall my experience was good. I didnt have any major issues at the embassy. I would recommend to bring some cash and also make sure you have extra passport sized photos. Some people lost their photos or the pictures that they had were not up to the standard for the embassy.

I pray everyone has sucess in their K1 visa process.

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