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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #28087

Anchorage AK Review on February 24, 2020:

Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox

Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

The Anchorage office is where I had my biometrics taken and had my AOS interview. Security is super friendly and easygoing. The man who took my fingerprints was also very kind. Biometrics was quick, easy, and out the door.

However, my AOS interview was a bit of a different story. There was only my husband and I and one other person in the waiting room and we probably waited two hours after my scheduled interview time to actually get my interview. They were severely understaffed and the lady who interviewed us wasn't even the one who was supposed to! Alas, that is my only real complaint regarding the process.

My interview itself was pretty good. My husband was nervous and forgot some details, but our interviewer could tell our relationship was legitimate. She sent us on our way saying that I would be updated at a later time to see if I passed the interview or not (I was worried because of some of the questions and thought I wasn't going to get it!). I received a text from USCIS later that day updating me that I have passed the interview and my green card was on its way. Green card arrived in less than a week.

Note - biometrics were April 2019, interview was July 2019, I just forgot to update.

Despite the Anchorage office being understaffed, my green card process went incredibly fast (filed late March/early april, received in July), roughly three months. Our situation is pretty basic, so that may be why, but I was very happy that it didn't take the 6 months to 2 years we usually hear about!

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