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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #2780

Barbados Review on April 24, 2008:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Got to the Embassy rather early. My interview was at 9. They call for the 9 Appointments. I went in got scanned and went in and gave the information to a lady at the window. I then sat and she called me again. I went through all the information with her and forgot to fill out the other side of the DS 230 form but the lady was patient and helpful enough to allow me to fill it out the form....It was so nerve racking that I couldn't find my birth certificate and it was right infront of my eyes. I she then gave me a paper and told me to go and pay at the cashier window. I then paid got the receipt and went back to the lady and gave her the information. I sat again and awaited to be called. After a few mins I was called by another lady. She took my finger prints then I swore in. Asked me what did I love about my fiance asked what kind of job she does. And then said Mr. Allen looks like everything is in order, you are approved....I was so elated. She informed me that if I had my ID card on me that I could travel back to St.Vincent on that and leave my information at the DHL desk in the Embassy to have my passport delivered to me. It should take up to 7 business days. All in all it wass not too bad.

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