Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27640

Detroit MI Review on December 6, 2019:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

The interview was scheduled at 9.40 am. My wife and I woke up at 5:30 am and we got to the Detroit USCIS office at about 8.20 am (Yes, we woke up very early to have a nice and calm breakfast and, of course, to have plenty backup time in case of emergency, you never know when bad things are about to happen). Once we get there we tried really hard to find a bathroom but the neighbor didn't look very nice so the gas station bathrooms were closed or didn't even have one. After a couple stops we found a McDonald's less than 3 miles away in the main street (we also went to the one close to the car assembly plant and its doors were closed). After all this bathroom mission it was time to get in the building. At exactly 9:20 am we were going thru security (Airport style), then at the lobby counter the lady asked me for my interview appointment. She told us to go to section 1 where we were going to be called by a number that she gave us. We didn't even had time to sit down when our name was called. The Sir asked for the interview appointment again and then he took a picture of myself and left and right index finger prints. He then told us to go to section 3 where I was going to be called by my name. It was about 9:30 am when we sat down. 40 minutes after my name was called out loud from a white lady in her 30's with a strong accent, serious but very nice. Once in her office she made us lift the right hand and swear in ("Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?"). Then she said: "I will need both your passports, birth certificates, driver licences, and all the documentation you want to submit. All original please". We handled her our passports, my original birth certificate with its translation to English, copy of my wife's birth certificate (We thought we had it but when we did the last check out the night before the interview we realized we didn't have it. My wife forgot she submitted with the form I-129f. So, you can tell we freaked out a little bit cause she putted a lot of emphasis when she said original documents but once we told her we already submitted it, she said it was ok), my wife's driver licence and our original marriage certificate. Then she started to ask questions about the form I-485 to the both of us. She asked my wife my name, parent names, my date of birth and vice versa. Then she asked my parent's date of birth. She was a bit surprised I knew even the year they were born and went "what a good kid". She also asked my SSN and I told her I didn't remembered it but I was sure it had a 13 in between and she state "that's right, you just confirm it". At the end she started to ask me the yes/no questions. All of them. It even felt like she asked them a couple times with different wording. To sum up she spent about 30 min going thru every detail of the form. My prior visits to the US, jobs, addresses, how long we have being in Lansing, why are we in MI if my wife is from VT, etc. At the end she asked us for joint assets or liabilities and we gave her proof of health insurance, car insurance and lease agreement. How we have been married for just a couple month it's all what we could get but she was ok with those three documents. Then I said "and we also have pictures". She went thru the album (about 60 pictures) in no more than 2 minutes and then she said " Ok guys, everything looks good for me and I don't have anything in the system so I will approve you, Happy Birthday!" (Yes, I got the best birthday present ever javascript:emoticon('')). After that, she made me sign the form and the ROC informational document. Being 10:50 am we walked out of the office.