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Portland ME Review on December 5, 2019:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

The interview was scheduled for 10 am and we got there around 09:20. The officer called my husband and I around 09:30. He introduced himself, we took the oath, asked for our ids and took my picture and fingerprint. After that he politely asked me to step out of the room so he could talk to my husband alone first. It took around 10 minutes, while I was away the officer looked at pictures with took and asked how we met and the layout of our apartment (which he didn’t ask me).
I came back to the room he asked me a little about how we met, why we moved states and then started going over the whole form I-485 with me asking for info about me (name, date of birth, city of birth and everything that is included in the form), about my husband and date of our marriage. Before he made all the yes or no questions he made sure to tell me that was standard procedure and he had to ask them all.
After that he asked me if I wanted to add any more proofs of relationship to the file and that we were approved. He explained about the process to obtain the second green card and citizenship.

It was a really relaxed interview. The officer was polite and pleasant throughout the interview.

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