Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27534

Cameroon Review on November 20, 2019:

Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

It really didn't feel like an interview. I felt like I was talking about my life to a friend.
It was actually a conversation.

So here goes the questions:

-Who filed for you
-Where does your spouse live
-Where did you meet
-What were you doing there
-When was the last time you saw each other
-How many times have you seen each other in person
-What does your spouse do for a living
-Have both of you ever been married before
-Do you have kids
-What's your relationship with your son's mother
-Has your spouse met your son
-How was your engagement
-Did you post banns at the council before marriage
-Name of the place where civil wedding took place
-How many people attended the wedding
-Did you do a traditional wedding too

The Interview Officer was quite impressed by the fact that we had already uploaded as much evidence of a bona fide marriage as we could at NVC. He thanked us for making his job easy.
He also appreciated the fact that our file was well organized and easy to look through.