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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27338

Caracas, Venezuela Review on October 24, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My experience was really positive.

I want that day just half hour before my interview appoiment, I did all the security check in time. Being in the waiting area was normal, even get to know one girl in the same process who also was an user here in visajourney we chat most of the time there and it made everything very convenient, it was like stress relief. I did the first part, I gave then my info and the documents they ask for (at that time I did not have with me my medical results) then I got called again and this time it was the real interview with the consul, she was really nice and I did prefer to talk to her in English it was easier to understand her, I just talk to her about my fiancé, she just asked me some question about him after that and checked to our photos and the again asked me about the dates of our meetings and I answered her everything. Then she gave me a blue paper because of my medical result couldn't be aviable by the time of the interview and it was the instructions to summit the results once I got them.

After my interview appointment I went to Bogota to meet with my fiancé and it was supposed for me to go back to Caracas on the 01/25/19, day when my medical results was ready to send them to the embassy, I was just arriving Caracas when the US embassy in Caracas was closed and not essential personnel was immediately evacuated. My fiancé got my case transfer for the US embassy in Bogota-Colombia.

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