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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27315

Austria Review on October 22, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My interview was scheduled for 11am, so I made sure to be there a bit earlier since I've heard that it can get quite busy and lead to long waiting time. So I got the at 10.30am.
The officers were very friendly, asked why I'm here and checked if I had an appointment as mentioned to them. Make sure not to have any charging cables or electronic devices like a laptop or power bank with you because you'll get into trouble and they won't allow you to come in.

Once they have confirmed my appointment, the officers led me through a door and I was told to sit down and wait for them to call my name. There was a family in front of me at one of the windows. It wasn't busy at all, which I was very surprised of. Once the family sat down, they have called my name and I had to go to the same window as the family previously did before me.

At the first I handed in my passport and my appointment confirmation, same as some of the financial supporting documents like tax returns etc. which were required. I remember the lady didn't take everything, but it's possible that I had more than enough with me, which is always good! Be prepared. Other than that she was very friendly while going through my paperwork and very optimistic. It almost sounded like I would have gotten my K-1 visa already. Once she was done, I was told to sit down again and wait for my name to be called again.

I sat down and wanted to reorganize my papers but it didn't even take 2-3 minutes until my names was called once again. This time I had to go to the next window which was covered with a weird curtain. I assume because of privacy reasons. A friendly man greeted me while holding my passport and going through my papers. It didn't feel like an interview, more like a casual chitchat. All he asked me was "How did you met?" and "Did you make any plans for the wedding yet?". He ended the interview with congratulating me and wishing me all the best! Then I had to sit down again, just to be called once last time at the first window where I started off.

Since my medical exam was scheduled so close prior to my interview and the results were not ready yet (apparently this happens a lot and is very usual for Vienna), I had to go back the same week to pick up my results and take them back to the consulate to complete the whole package. It was a busy week especially since my process at the consulate was overlapping with Independence Day, so I had a small delay, but it wasn't a big issue. She also told me I'd get my passport back within 5 business days. Once it's ready, I'll get an e-mail and it'll be ready for pick up.

I was out the door of the consulate by 10.55am and 3 times total at the consulate to wrap up things, incl. dropping of my medical exam and picking up my passport. The staff was great!

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