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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27299

Honolulu HI Review on October 19, 2019:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Came in about 15 mins early and went through security similar to airport. I brought an interpreter for my wife and stepson. Waited about an hour and 15 minutes after our appointment which was scheduled for 10:30am

The officer was a woman who apologized for the delay and explained the interview process. She was polite but serious.

She started by verifying information on the application. The then took our passports to make copies.

She asked simple questions like:

How did we meet?
What school did my stepson attend?
What do we do for fun?
Why did we decide to get married?
Where did we get married?
Who attended the wedding?
Did we ever meet our parents?
What does my stepson think of me?
When was the wedding?
What kind of wedding, religious or civil?

After the interview she asked if we had anything else to submit, we have a few photos, billing statements, life insurance, medical card copies, etc.
She then explained the removal of conditions procedure and said “if” we are approved to follow the paper she gave us with the procedures.

The interview took around 45 mins.

Got a text for approval several days later and got our green cards about 9 days after the interview

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