Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27278

Sydney, Australia Review on October 15, 2019:

Review Topic: K1 Visa

Hello everyone!

I just got approved for my K1 Fiance Visa on the 1st of October at Sydney US Consulate in the MLC Centre. Yayyyyy it finally happens ๐Ÿ˜ after 7 months we have been waiting since my fiance submitted his petition 129-F application.

My fiance flew over to Sydney from Phoenix to support me with the final interview, his presence really helped and gave me more confidence.

The night before the interview. I barely slept ๐Ÿ˜‚(may be an hour I think haha), in my mind I was just thinking about the interview, I was very excited, anxious and a bit nervous at the same time.

So my interview was at 8AM in the morning, my fiance and I tried to get to the US Consulate a bit earlier like around 7:20AM, though when we tried to go up with the elevator around 7:30 or so, it was locked and no one can use it except the people working there I guess. So my fiance and I just sat at the cafe on the ground floor and waiting for the time to come. So we tried again around 7:45 and it finally works, we got the elevator and went up to the 10th floor where the main entry of the US Consulate, there is some waiting chairs outside so I just sat there and waiting to go inside the Consulate.

Till 8AM, the Consulate opens, and the security guard asked us to line up, there was a round 5 of us waiting outside, I'm the 2nd person of the line. So we went in there, there was 2 ladies in the front counter ask me "Are you engaged or married to the US Citizen?" I told them I'm engaged, and they asked me for my required documents so they can check and put them in the plastic zip bag, they gave it back for me to hold. After that I had to go through the security check point, I put all my stuffs on the slider, my jacket and also my shoes as well, so just wear some kinds of shoes easy to take off when you come for the interview.

After this point, there was a security guard took me up to the 59th floor in the elevator. I went inside, took my ticket and waiting to be called, not long after, my ticket was called and I went up to the counter (it has around 8 counters in there, separate us with the glass in the middle, they talked very clear, you can even hear what they say when you are at the waiting seats), there was a lady in there asked me for my documents again, she checked everything about my identity and all the requied documents I brought with me. After everything was good, she kept my documents, she gave me some information to read about the K1 fiance visa and immigration to the US, and she told me to take the seat and waiting to be called again.

Around 20 mins later, my ticket was called again one more time, I knew this is the time for the interview, I was excited, nervous and emotions all over the place haha ๐Ÿ˜‚, I was the first interview of the day. So I went up to the counter again one more time, this time was a male Consulate officer interviewed me. At first he introduced his name and said he was going to interview me today, he asked my name and he said that I need to hand up and swear to say the truth at my interview, I said yes and swore everything I will say today is true.

So here are the questions that he asked me at the interview:
1) What is your fiance name?
2) How and when do you meet?
3) How does your relationship progress after you met?
4) How many times do you meet in person and when?
5) How long each time did you spend when you met in person?
6) How do you communicate with each other?
7) Have you been to the US before?
8) What do you do for work?
9) What does your fiance do for work?
10) Have you been married before?
12) Has your fiance been married before?
13) Have you meet his family before?
14) Does he live in a house or an apartment?
15) Where does he live?
16) Are you going to get marry and what is your wedding plan?

(Small Note: I was previously denied a tourist visa in May 2018 due to not having enough ties to Australia and I was worried it might come up or affect this interview but the consulate officer did not ask about it.)

After all of these questions above, he said everything was good, and he said my visa is approved and congratulations. I was so happy and screamed in happiness ๐Ÿ˜‚. I said thank you and went down to ground floor where my fiance waiting for me, we feel super blessed ๐Ÿ˜˜.

Overall I had a great experience at the US consulate in Sydney, it was about an hour since I got inside and finished, they were very nice and professional. Everything was processed fast, not just on my interview day but whenever we have any concerns or inquiries, they replied and assisted us by quickly. I hope my experience will help you a bit with your visa journey ahead. Good luck and all the best ๐Ÿ˜‡