Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27073

Montreal, Canada Review on September 16, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My appointment was scheduled for 7:30 am on Sep-11-2019. I got to the consulate around 6:50 am, and there were only two other people ahead of me. Waited until 7:30 for the consulate to open, went through security - only had my folders with me, no bags or phones. The people at security were professional but nice, didn't really exchange pleasantries just said hello . I was handed a laminated sheet with my line number and the order in which the documents were needed.

After getting through security, I was instructed to wait in the basement with the others where we had the time to organize the documents in the order they were listed on the laminated sheet. About 10 minutes later, another security guard came and herded us into an elevator and told us to go to the 19th floor. We sat and waited for 15 more minutes and then one-by-one we were called up to windows 1-3, in our line order. The documents were requested in a totally random order, so I don't know why they asked us to organize them in a certain way, lol! At this time, we also did fingerprints.

After handing our documents in which took about 5 minutes, we waited again for another maybe 15 minutes till about 8:20 am and were called for our interviews. The interview itself was very quick and there was a really sweet woman conducting the interview. She first made me take an oath to tell the truth, and then retook my fingerprints (of the right hand). She handed my back some of my original documents and then asked me:

How did you two meet?

Are your parents acquainted?

How often do you meet? How many times have you met in the last year?

Will this be both of your first marriage?

What is the longest you have stayed in the United States? (after clarification this meant after 18 and not including my time as a student)

When did you become a Canadian citizen?

Do you have any wedding plans?

What countries have you visited in the last five years?

After that, she said that everything looked good, congratulated me and told me I was approved. She also took some time to explain my rights in the US as the spouse/fiance of a US citizen. The interview portion lasted approximately 5 minutes.

The next day I checked and my visa had been issued. On Friday, I got the email notification from Canada Post that I should expect my package by end of day Monday. And today (Monday) at 8:30 am I had an email saying that my package was ready to be picked up.

Overall, a relatively simple and smooth process, endlessly grateful for everyone's help!

P.S. They require to see Proof of Payment at the appointment.