Consulate / USCIS Member Review #27060

France Review on September 13, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I came for a K1 visa interview on Sept 4. It was the earliest date I could pick when I scheduled it on May 28.
My appointment was at 11am, I arrived at 10:50 at the bag check outside the consulate.
A woman asked to see my appointment confirmation letter, passport and sealed medical enveloppe.
Then I went through security, had to turn off my phone and leave it there with my other electronic devices and my tube of hand cream..
I walked in the consulate and had to line for 25 min until I got to a window for an administrative review : the woman made me confirm some basic information, took the appointment confirmation letter, passport, sealed medical enveloppe and asked for the birth certificate, police certificate, 2 ID pictures and a letter as my fiancé emailed then wrote a letter to the consulate and asked for an extension of our expired petition as we were not able to schedule the interview before that. I was given a whole copy of the petition file, even with original pictures my fiancé submitted.
She told me to sit down and I waited about 50 min to have my name called by an officer : the woman made me swear that everything submitted was true and accurate then asked couple questions like how I met my fiancé, when we decided to get married, if we've seen each other since the proposal, asked for pictures, she also asked to look at his W2 (work certificate) for income.
The interview lasts 10 min, the officer was pretty friendly and ended with "Everything looks great, congratulations, welcome to the US".
So I should receive my passport and an enveloppe to bring to immigration within 2 weeks at home.