Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26856

Trinidad & Tobago Review on August 13, 2019:


Review Topic: Direct Consular Filing

My interview was August 12 at 7.30am. I arrived around 6.45 and waited outside. We started going inside around 7.20. The clerk asked me to put some required documents in a folder. After a while I was called to a window where I was told to put my proof of marriage in a folder, while the attendant sorted out my documents. She asked me a few questions as well.
After the documents were sorted out, I was told to have a seat outside until I am called for the actual interview. I waited a while and was then called. An American man was my interviewer. He asked me 12 questions. I answered confidently and accurately.
He then said that I was approved. I was happy.
My experience was very good. I left the embassy st 9.15am.