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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26816

South Africa Review on August 4, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

I had my visa interview on the 31st of July. After months of waiting and preparing we finally reached the appointment date. My anxiety levels were through the roof as my flight was delayed and I had to travel from Namibia. Long story short I eventually made it to Johannesburg in time for my interview. I arrived at the US Consulate. My passport pics sizes were verified at the entrance. After that I was asked to switch my phone off and to hand it in. I had to walk to another building where the interviews are held and a nice lady asked me to fill up a form and I received a note explaining the DHL instructions. After 15 minutes I was asked to go to the first counter window, I was asked for my passport, passport pics, birth certificate and copy, original police clearance, proof of payment, affadavit of support and tax returns (I also provided our Co sponsor's) then finally proof of relationship. After 15 minutes I was called to the second counter window. A friendly American lady interviewed me, asked me quite a few questions while typing on her computer. She told me she will be approving my visa and that it takes about 10 days. I was super ecstatic and grateful to hear those words. Since I had to travel back to Namibia she provided me with a letter that requests I send my passport back to the embassy. I sent it back with DHL right after landing. All in all, my experience at the consulate was done just under a hour. The people there are friendly and as long as you have all the necessary documents and have a bona-fide relationship it will be a smooth process.

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