Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26807

Singapore Review on August 2, 2019:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Overall my experience was pretty good.

My appointment was at 845am. I arrived at 5-10 mins earlier, showed my interview email hard copy to the security guard and immediately went through the security scanner and deposit my phone, portable charger, smart watch and earpiece at the guardhouse. Then it’s a one-way in to the main building. The place where the interview was held is the room on the left after you gone through your second security check where they will check your bag. The room of the interview area is similar to how old banks look like. The counter 7 followed by 6 is where I got my interviews at.

At counter 6, the person checked if I have all my documents, he asked for my Passport, birth cert, COC and affidavit of support. they only asked for a photocopy of my birth cert only and took the others in original copies. He asked me if my fiancé was married and if either of us have children. My answer was no to both. And I was given the pamphlet on the topic of abusive situations to read before being called again for one more interview.

At counter 7, the guy asked me to make an oath to be honest and true, followed by finger print for all 10 fingers. Then the interview begin!
-when and where did you two meet?
- when was the last time you two met?
- is he married?
- do either of you have children from previous relationships?
- summarise the pamphlet
- if you’re the victim, what do you do? - call 911
And that was it he said everything looks good and I will be notified in 7-10 days.

It was a little awkward sharing my stories at the counter while so many people behind me within earshot. But I was like what the hell and just start talking. Haha.

Each time spent at each counter felt like 5 mins only and I was out of the embassy at 905am.

My medical check up was done at Fullerton health. I schedule for the check up immediately after I paid for the $371 visa fee. My appointment there was at 330pm on 1st July 2019, the clinic was so packed I was actually shock and it wasn’t a good experience for me as when they finally called my name it was 1.5hrs later. Then each person I met for a different thing was a 15-20 mins wait interval. The doctor was really friendly though. The nurse then advise that I run my blood test first (takes 1 week to receive the results) to check if I ever had chicken pox so if it is present in my blood, I only have to take 3 jabs instead of 4 which is major savings for me as the chicken pox vaccine is the most expensive among the rest. So I left the clinic at nearly 6pm and waited for them to call me to schedule the appointment to get my jabs, I had to call the clinic 3-4 times after 1 week so I finally managed to schedule on the 11th of July. At the same time I was being mindful of all the bad reviews I heard about Fullerton Health and I didn’t want any delays in my visa. So I called them Everyday from the 22nd of July to check if they courier out my reports to the embassy yet. And finally on the 24th they emailed me the medical results and updated me that it has been mailed out that day. I think if I haven’t done that I would have face delays after my interview.

I checked the CEAC the next day (1Aug2019) and it shows Administrative Processing. Then the next day, I checked and it shows Issued. I’ll be able to collect my passport from the Changi south Aramex office as this is the location I selected.