Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26766

Columbus OH Review on July 29, 2019:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Finally after being tortured during 2 hours interview by an ice cold blond woman, my wife got her green card. The number of questions was excessive and the level of details was annoying. Evan if this case was a clear cut, knowing each other for over 10 years, visiting her every year, and showing her a bunch of pictures taken over the years was just not enough. She was digging and digging like a gofer. It does taken a high IQ to figure out that there was nothing to find in a case like this. Seeing her wasting her time on futile questioning made me think how sad and frustrated in her life to have only succeeded to get a stupid job like this one after seeing her diplomas proudly on display showing that she graduated school with a bachelor degree in science, and a Master in Business Administration.I would be also very frustrated to know that a high school degree is enough for this kind of job. She may have been also frustrated by the fact that I make 3 times more money than she does.

So, avoid Columbus office as much as possible because there is a serious lack of basic common sense in that office.

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