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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26760

Guyana Review on July 27, 2019:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

There are 4 mandatory waiting areas before you can get to your appointment. The first area is outside the embassy. You are requested by the embassy security to wait in line outside until enough people have showed up to enter into the 2nd waiting area. My appointment was at 7:30am and I got there at 6:40am as I was told the line outside could get very long and it would be a nice headstart. I was third in line outside, but I was one of the last people from my group to leave the embassy. Anyway, the 2nd waiting area is a security check for prohibited objects. The 3rd waiting area is right outside the building where the consulate officers are. The 4th waiting area is inside the immigration visa building. Once inside, you are asked to be seated until your number and color are called to one of the numbered lobby windows. The order of the number you get is meaningless as people get randomly summoned to the lobby windows.
The lobby windows are semi private as they are soundproof and everyone who is seated just is facing the opposite direction of the windows. It was difficult to listen in on people's conversations with the consular officers, which was a major plus for me. Once I was settled inside, I waited until 8:30am when I was summoned the first time through loud speakers by a consular officer. I had all the documents with me, such as appointment letters, confirmation pages for both CSRA, DS-160, Medical results, Bank payment receipt, my and the petitioner's birth certificates, my police certificates, proof of being legally able to marry, an updated letter of intent from both petitioner and beneficiary, affidavit of support, plenty of evidence of ongoing relationship (e.g. chats, pictures, itineraries, call logs, etc.). Out of all the documents I had, they requested my passport, medical results, birth certificates, police certificates, and bank receipt. Once I had given those, I was requested to be seated until summoned.
The 2nd and last time I was summoned, I was told to go to a room in the back that was a private room that was closed off from the rest of the area. The entire room is sound proof and only one person can sit inside. This is where my interview happened. Before the interview began, I was told to swear an oath that everything I presented before the embassy is true and that everything I will say today is true. Once that was done, the questions regarding my relationship with my fiance started rolling in.
I was asked the standard questions of how we met, how long we've been together, how often we communicate and through what, how often we've met each other in person, what he does for a living, how he proposed to me (when and where as well), future wedding location, future date of the wedding, who will attend the wedding? My experience of the interview was rather pleasant, I did not feel intimidated by the CO and the interview went by smoothly as if you're having a regular conversation with someone who's asking you a lot of questions. At the end of the questioning round, I was told I was approved and could pick up my passport in two days at the embassy.

After those two days had passed, I went back to the embassy only to find out that they sent my passport to a different location by mistake (the CSRA office). I went to the CSRA office and was first in line to receive my passport (only one person is allowed to enter the building). I got my passport with the visa inside, the packet I have to give to an immigration officer at my future port of entry into the USA, along with the original documents I had handed to the embassy.

I should also note, that I did my medical exam on the same trip to Guyana and received them a day before my interview. Everything went smoothly except for the insane heat in the country.

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