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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #26521

Switzerland Review on June 25, 2019:

Elena J

Elena J

Review Topic: K1 Visa

My interview was at 9:30 AM, with the prospect of coming back in the afternoon for the actual interview.

I arrived at the embassy 15min before the interview. There was a line of 30-50 people (It is student visa season). I had some issues to find out where to go, as the inventation states to not wait in line.
I went through the "US Citicen and Immigrant Visa" line and showed my invitation to security. They went inside and came back asking me to open my medical envelope. I did and was let in through security.

Security is its own little building outside the embassy, they take phones, food and other small things and give you a number for pick up. Then you walk out of security and into the embassy building.
At the entrance is a bathroom and a drinking fountain. I went all the way to the back for "Visa" and waited in line with everyone else. When it was my turn I told her I was here for the K1 Visa and she made me sit down while she informed her colleauge.
I was called to go to window number 5 which was behind a door in the hallway. I sat down and gave all my documents to the lady working there.
She took: Passport pictures, birth certificate, police record, I-134 and medical results. I brought my own financial documents as well as a co-sponsers documents with me, but they didn't keep those, as my fiancé makes more than the 100% poverty guideline, I suppose?
She took my fingerprints, made me fill out the blank address in the medical (current and prospect US address), she asked some questions (have you lived in another country since the age of 16, etc.) and I answered.
I also gave her the envelope with the stamps (11CHF) to send back the visa.

Then I had to go back to where I came from and wait for the CO was ready to see me. I had a very friendly lady, I saw her coming up to the window and going through my documents.
She called me up, took my fingerprints again and took the oath.

The questions she asked were straight forward and simple:
- when do you plan to move?
- Where did you meet?
- what year?
- did he live there or was he on vacation?
- how often did you see each other since you first met?
- how do you communicate when you aren't together?
- have you met his family?
- has he met yours?
- do you have wedding plans?
- what does he do in NY?

I answered straight forward and sometimes added a little something, there were a couple more questions about me concerning my legal documents, but all very simple.
At the end she said, congrats it is time to go call your fiancé and tell him you got approved!

I got my original birth certificate and police record back and was over the moon!

The whole process took about an hour, it was very quick and efficient, the CO was really nice and calmed my nerves.
As I jokingly told my fiancé: the hardest part was to find out how I could skip the line as it said in the interview.

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