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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #2571

Barbados Review on March 7, 2008:



Review Topic: K1 Visa


First at all, forgive my english but I wanted to share with you about my interview tuesday (the fourth of march) in Barbados;

I already send ds-156 (sign), ds-156K (sign) and ds-230 part 1 ( sign), they never ask me for ds-230 part 2;

The first step was to ask me documents (it was only administrative), she asks me for my birth certificate (i said her that i have a translation, she said "give me it"), my police record, affidavit of support, 2 pictures 2" by 2", she remove my signature on the ds-156k, she asks me when i intent to go to usa because it was written the 01 of march of my form) , one of the enclosure the clinic gave me (the analysis not the xray radio), and ask me where i lived in the past, she checked on one of the form and said ok, it was all.

After that, i had the interview, he asked me some questions: how many time we saw each other, if i saw his family, how long..... ; i always forgot the meaning of the "how long", he called a lady for the translation, I talked to her, she didn't really translate to the man but shaked her head when i talked, she was nice: his principal question was when started our relationship and how we communicate, how we do to know each other; the man shake his head, for him it was too much fast (I met my fiance in september 2006!)-
They said me to sign the ds-156k.
the man watched the pictures my fiancé send on the I-129 petitions, he shaked his head, do a lot of things with his face, i asked me if i will be approved , i said the woman that i have more pictures, she didn't reply; I said it to the man, he didn't react.
And the interview finish, the man talk to me and gave me a pink paper with my passport, i asked him "it is ok?" he replied yes and had a "small" smile.
The woman translate to me what he said me (i really didn't listen, maybe she noted that) that i have to go back to my country and send my passport for the stamp (visa).
I asked her for the "sealed enveloppe for the port of entry" her chief said that i will receive it with my passport and gave me a french translation of the pink paper (your visa was approved).
I felt that like he wanted to told me "go out from here" when he gave me the translation

He nevers asked me for more proofs, phone calls, mails, e-mails - I had a big bag with proofs.

I arrived in my country the wednesday send the passport the same day and the day after (today) it arrived in the us embassy in Barbados;

It was stressing but they are ok and do their jobs.

Good luck to others

Miduvil (the fiancée)

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