Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25694

Fresno CA Review on March 1, 2019:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Our appointment was at 8.45am we got there just before 8 and parked up around the corner where you get 4 hours (the machine takes coins and its $1 an hour) We walked in around 8.20am no other people was there other than the security guards who asked for our ID's and letter then we went through the typical airport style security taking off all metals and removing our shoes pretty standard stuff. We went to the desk where a lady put a number on our letter and told us to take the elevator to the second floor where my finger prints and photo was taken we was asked to take a seat and wait to be called, there was approximately 20 people in the room but for all different reasons not just for the adjustment. We seen a couple people go into rooms who was also there for the same reason of us and found it funny when one couple got out all happy and high fived each other (it's always a good feeling seeing others get approved knowing how stressful and time consuming this process is).

We waited around 40 minutes then this friendly lady called our number then we was both got led to a room where she asked for our ID's again then asked us to pledge to tell the truth. She then proceeded with going through our massive file, we sent in a lot of stuff asking basic stuff like my name where we worked, how many times I've been to America and my wife to England. Just general basic stuff nothing in depth or too personal. She asked for things we now have joint like phone bills, insurance, bank etc we handed it over and she said my card delivered 1-2 weeks. She was really friendly and we had nothing to worry about as if your relationship is legit it be clear to them.

Everyone there was super nice and helpful, we bought 2 binders and 2 photo albums neither was looked at but it's always best to be over prepared. It took around 1 hour in total including the wait we had.
Within 2 hours the status updated to card being produced

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