Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25333

Fresno CA Review on January 8, 2019:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Our appointment was at 09 am. We arrived at 8:35 am. We were surprised because you must have coins to pay the parking. Hopefully we found in our purses some coins. We entered, and after ID and security checks, we had a ticket we took the elevator to the 2nd floor. A lady took my right and left indexes fingerprints. We waited15 minutes and the immigration officer called us. I was with my husband and my daughter. We swore to tell the truth .He asked us our IDs, my birth certificate and the birth certificate of our daughter. He asked me the last time i entered in the US, he changed my name ( i used my maiden name when i applied in june) he changed it to my spouse name, changed my adress. He asked me when did i quit my job in France, If i work here, where and when did i start, if my parents are out of the US and if they are still married. He asked all the i485 questions. Also asked to my husband why he divorced (he was previously married). I gave him the i693 sealed envelope and something was wrong in it. The civil surgeon left 3 cells blank on the vacinne sheet. He asked us to bring back another one with everything. Luckily, the surgeon was 5 min away. He asked if we had questions we said no. I showed him some of our pictures. He made copies of our passsports, 5 pictures , my birth certificate. We went to the sugeon to fill the blank cells and came back to give at the desk the new sealed envelope.

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