Consulate / USCIS Member Review #25147

Fresno CA Review on December 3, 2018:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Our appointment was at 12:30pm, the center doesn't seem to open until 12pm. We walked in at 12:05pm. You have to go through airport type security (shoes off, metal detector) so I would suggest don't wear heels like I did, as I had to walk on the floor barefoot!! 🤢

You then wait in line to be checked in downstairs (approx. 10 minutes while the lovely lady processes everyone) and they give you a ticket (like at a deli counter) that the immigration officer upstairs calls you by. You head into an elevator and up into the waiting room. We had Officer Chang and he was lovely. Asked for all our IDs (passports, ssn etc), asked a few questions off the i-485 form "have you tortured anyone" etc. I had all our wedding pictures printed, as well as photos with his mom and dad, he took copies of I think 3-4 photos. It was hard to get a read on him, but my online case was updated three days after our interview, and we received our approval notice in the mail six days later!!

We were super quick! In and out of the car, took 50 minutes (we had 10 minutes left on the parking meter out the front). Make sure you bring quarters, as the spots are all metered out the front of the building 😄

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