Consulate / USCIS Member Review #23928

West Palm Beach FL Review on June 1, 2018:



Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

We parked in the lot right outside the building (free) went through security.. waited in line a few minutes to go to the front desk to check-in and then were sent to the large waiting room to wait for our number to be called. Our number was 70 and we started to get a little worried when 74 then 78 then 80 etc was being called. (just a side note here, the area to wait is NOT marked well at all.. half of the room is waiting on Info-pass and half for interviews. They call you for the interview from the very corner of the room and you wont hear your number if you're sitting in Info-pass. They had 2 signs which we didn't see for 20 minutes neither did the couples around us.. they had just 2 pieces of paper taped to a pillar sideways and hand written. Had to be almost on them to read them... so if you're there for the interview you will be called from the right hand corner of the room as you go in) anyway, apparently its normal for numbers to be called out of order as each officer has their set of interviews for the day so don't be discouraged. We went in 30 minutes after our appointment with a very nice gentleman, very professional but friendly. We took the oath and I had photograph taken and then fingerprints from 2 index fingers. He asked us both our names and where we lived, where we were born and if we had children together.He then asked for both passports. He did NOT ask for any other proof even though we had a folder full with us he said he had looked through everything we sent in already and he was happy with that. He then did ask us for the medical and he went through that making notes as he looked. He then started telling us about path to citizenship and how if I travel I need to put the green card on top of my passport when I hand it over. He then said "well I still have 2 more interviews today so i probably wont get to finish yours up today but I promise you will see it updated on the website by Friday at 5 pm.." He never came out and said "you're approved". But he said to keep looking for the website to change and keep looking in the mailbox for your card. Friday afternoon at about 3 pm the status changed to "card being produced"

(updated on June 10, 2018)

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