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Bagdad, Iraq Review on December 1, 2017:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

it was a crappy experience, but i was approved at last! the person interviewing me was reading from another person's application and my answers did not match of course. he was a dumb interviewer, we did k1 and he was saying that I married my wife few years ago! and I kept saying no, he said you should apply for a married visa not k1, I did not know what to say at that time he started saying that i was lying for that! asked him that I wanna see the application that he was reading from and I could not believe that he is saying what he is saying, He turned the monitor towards me and it was a surprise! he was reading from someone who had the same first name as me!!!!!!! what!!??? are you serious!!! what a fool. He did not even look at my wife's name!! after that everything changed I was the boss at that time, he just went through the papers and said that I was approved and he was sorry for all of that crap! I received my VISA 2 weeks after. just a tip for anyone interviewing in baghdad. be prepared to starve to death. I got to the embassy at 7 am and had my interview at 2 pm! and they only offer you water and no food and you can not bring food with you. javascript:emoticon('')

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