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Review on November 20, 2017:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiance went for her interview, we were extremely happy since this was the last hurdle. Well the same officer (which denied a visit visa's) conducted the interview. He came in acting like a jerk, telling her I am the one who will decide if you get your visa, I was the one that denied your other visa's, etc etc. Anyways the interview went bad for us, even though the NVC and USCIS approved all of our paperwork, this "azzhole" said that HE did not think my fiance and I were a real couple. This is after we have documents, multiple vacation pictures, flight receipts, various pictures, emails and letters from people that knows us; also copies of my passport that I flew to her country to visit multiple times. The officer denied our i-129 visa, said we have to file an I-601 (another $960 dollars all about the money) and submit...this process will take at least a year. My fiance and I are so bummed out. I have flew from hawaii two times to visit her just so we can see each other in person and spend some time together. I think that any embassy/consulate should not allow an officer to conduct interviews on the same people they have done in the past. This is an unfair practice for all the personnel going through this as I am. So now we have to wait another year to be together and be happy. It is sad that after all the checks and balances, a single person (officer) can be having a bad day and take it out on our case. NOW instead of being happy, married and trying to start a family, we have to wait wait wait another freakin year.....sucks so bad....

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