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Uzbekistan Review on October 16, 2017:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

1st of all I would like to tell little bit of our K1 story. As most of guys here said that our case was under Red Flag. This mentionad with this that: Though we know each other about two years BUT we have met just once, and engaged right away. Also between 1st meeting and Embassy Interview was taken 10 months which is seriously long time. I have been married before but for my fiance its 1st marriage, though we have perfect age differences (he's 3 yrs older)

Now about Interview.
As soon as we scheduled my Interview date, my fiance wished to come to Uzbekistan and accompanying me at interview. So I emailed Consular and got approved him accompanying me for Interview! He arrived 2nd of October and in 3rd of October early morning at 8:30 we been in Embassy. Our Interview scheduled at 9am. Since he's US citizen, we didnt wait in long line but get in right away. BUT we waited soooooo long to take interview. At 12pm CO finally called my name and my fiance followed me to take interview. CO was american, she was very kind and polite. I chose English.
-Have you been married before?
-Do you have kids?
-Your 1st meeting was in Turkey?
-Have you ever been in Iran,Syria,Somali,Iraq,Sudan....
-I would like to, since I love travelling but no,never been. (CO is laughing)
-Congratulations, your visa is approved!!!
All the time my fiance stayed behind me and played my hair. It was very flexible Interview.
Good luck to everyone

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