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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #22531

Spokane WA Review on September 21, 2017:


Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Appointment was at 08:50 am.
We arrived 08:20 at the office.
i was really nervous...
we were sitting in the waiting room when a officer came at 08:45 and asked if we can start earlier.
He was around 35 years.
we went to his office and he said we should stand up for the oath that we will tell the truth.
he wanted to see my passport and my husbands ID.
i had everything in a folder with post it and he was impressed and said it's good that i'm so organized. than i gave my fingerprints.
after that we, chatted about the weather bc it was raining really bad.
He asked me about my full name, date of birth and where i was born.
He wanted to know If this is the first marriage for us and i said yes and the last.
We all laughed,.
than he read my address and asked if this is correct and if i lived somewhere else before in the US.
After that he asked all the yes/no question on the form (those are the ones like 'habe you evr killed somebody?')
after that he asked how and when we met and how many times i visited the US after we met.
How the wedding was and if we made any trips inside the US.
he wanted to see support evidence ( we had life insurance, health care, car insurance, power bill, internet bill) and asked if he could keep them.
i asked him if he wants to see pictures or something else but he said no and that he has enough proof.
than he said everything looks good and he will double check all papers again and normally during the day my case is approved and my greencard will arrive in 4-6 weeks or earlier.
if not he will send us a letter with the papers they need but he said it looks really good and we should not worry.
at the end he printed papers and explained how to apply for the 10 years green card in 2 years.

after 25 minutes we left his office.

it was more like an nice conversation than an interview an the officer was really nice.

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