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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #22432

Skopje, Macedonia Review on August 31, 2017:



Review Topic: General Review

The interview itself was simple. You give your required documents (without the evidence of relationship) to the counter that calls your number, then wait for the next call which is the fingerprints counter. Then you're called again and this time you submit the evidence of relationship while being asked a couple of questions. This is not the interview. Then you sit and wait to be called for the actual interview and the questions were:
- Who are you going to marry?
- When did you first meet?
- When was he last here?
- Have you been to the US and for how long?
- Have you met his family?
- When is the wedding?
- Do you plan to do a wedding here as well?
- What does your fiance do for a living?
- Have you broken any laws?

The actual interview lasted about 6 minutes and I was told I was approved. I'll be picking up my visa (passport) in 5 days.

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