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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #21030

South Africa Review on December 10, 2016:

The Burts

Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Visa Interview

Our interview was at 13h15 but we went to the consulate office 9:30am. When we arrive the security outside told us to join the que and the other officer came checking our confirmation papers, passports and photos we brought. The officer told us that we have to come back at 1 o'clock or if we like we can wait there just in case they are done with others inside, we might will get a chance to go in. He as well informed us that our photos were the correct ones but other people were sent back to get the correct ones before they allow them inside.

We waited until 12:10pm and everybody left for lunch. Me and my daughter, we took a walk into Sandton City mall and came back at 1 oclock since its only less then 2 minutes walk. At the time, we relaxed and felt comfortable at the consulate office since everyone was talking and joking with us outside the building. The securities at consulate are really very good, when we came back she said lets check and clear your bags & folders so that it will be quicker when you walk in the building. We finished all this just before next line goes inside and was done. When we got inside at security check, they gave us a bucket to put all our electronics in and whatever we didnt want to take inside the consular office with. They hand us a number for collecting our belongings on our way out and told us to follow the footprints to consular office.

When we got inside I was told to fill in my phone number and email address and given another little note to read about DHL registration. Got a number 9 and was told to sit. 15 minutes later, we were called at the first window and I was told to give our original birth certificates, passports, married certificate, police clearance and proof of relationship (any). So I gave her our photo album with 10 pics and I also gave her our daughter's adoption decree even though she didn't ask for it. She looked at our filed and ask if we didnt do our medical check ups which I said; yes we did on Nov 7-12th 2016 and I showed her the passport we received from the doctor. She said, okay no problem. Go sit and you will be called soon.

After an hour waiting, they started calling numbers or sometimes names of who should go to the consular window. They kept calling number 6 but no name. Later I went and ask whose name is the number 6 they kept calling since no one is standing up. When I got to the counter calling 6, I saw our file and I realise he placed the number upside down which was ours (9). I told him that we are number 9 and Burt family and he just smiled and said yes its you mem.

He looked very tired but he greeted us and ask us both to raise up our right hand and swear that what we are going to tell is the whole truth which we did. After that he handed my photo album back and other original documents except police clearance and passports. He only ask me one question

How did you meet your husband? I answered briefly and he looks at me like I need more. I told him a bit more and he said that was sweet. Here he goes again; looking at me, my daughter, daddy's picture and adoption decree..... Then he was like packing the file away and he said wait a minute, are you the stepmother to the sweet girl? I smiled and said no sir, I am the biological and daddy is the legal father/stepfather. Then he said, its a bit confusing since the full birth certificate shows that you both are the parents to her. I told him that the birth certificate is the new one that was registered after the adoption decree. Then he ask, does her biological father knows that she is immigrating and I said yes. A BIG SMILE from consular and said YOUR VISA IS APPROVED!!!!

Goodness, I have to ask him twice; I beg your pardon sir... And he said it again. YOUR VISA IS APPROVED but WE CAN ONLY PRINT YOUR VISA WHEN WE GET YOUR LAST RESULTS from the doctor and I said thank you very much. I was still standing at the window and he told me; we are done Monika, then he said I assume you need your passports to travel back to Namibia and I said yes. He gave me the passports and said he said, as soon as you get to Namibia please send your passports back with DHL so that we can print your Visas and send the passports back to you in order for you to travel home.

Then I ask him the last thing, do I need any paper that you requested the passports back? In a friendly and polite way, he said okay let me give you this yellow paper for official records. Its a 221g where he marked passports and medical report. He said it wont be long. It was very comforting for him to repeat VISA APPROVED because I really did not expect that answer right away.


After the interview I went to pass at the doctor's office and ask about my results but I was told that, they will send it first week of January because TB culture test takes longer than others. I also ask why they are not contacting me for any of my first and second sputum and I was told there was nothing to worry about. Apparently they will call you much sooner when they detect any problem on your tests but I'm on a 4th week today. Man!!!!! this is very frustrating. I was told that they will email me as soon as they send my results to the consulate office. I guess I got 4 more weeks to go. Here we are hanging and waiting for whatever results that's gonna be.

Long live Johannesburg U.S Consulate
You are the best.

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