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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #20528

Chisinau, Moldova Review on September 27, 2016:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My experience was great.
Had the appointment at 3pm, went in 40 min earlier (just in case, it's too important to take any chances), the guard asked me to wait aside, a bit further but 5 minutes later I got called in. Only 4 people were waiting for the interview, including me. I was the second. Waited around 20 minutes.

I was interviewed by a very pleasant man, he was nice, smiling and the format was more like a pleasant conversation. It took about 10 minutes.

He asked me to tell him more about my fiance, where is he from, how did we meet, how did we get closer (as we met at work on my business trip, he wanted more details), did I meet his parents, what is he doing for living, what was he doing when we met (he changed jobs), what am I doing, when did we get engaged, how many times have I been to US, where else have we been together outside the state we met in.
Also he looked at the pics we provided, asked where where they taken, liked that my fiance visited me in Moldova, and noticed that we already traveled quite a lot.
He said that everything looks ok, my English is flawless (some pleasant flattering ) and that visa will be approved and I'll get a mail in a week about how to pick it up.

Nothing scary

Some important notes:
- Make sure you read the Packet 3 very well and recheck if you have everything 200 times. 2 of the people that were with me in the same room with k1 visa, didn't have their certificate of civil status and the decision of approval could not be taken today, either if they had the interview.
- Take in account that the closest appointment date or the line in the embassy could differ very much. It was almost empty now but few years ago when I got my travel visa, it was May, time for work&travel visas and it took very long.
- Don't be nervous, calm down, they won't bite but being nervous might hurt.

And obviously know all the info you provide and don't lie

Good luck y'all!

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