Consulate / USCIS Member Review #19979

Albuquerque NM Review on July 21, 2016:

Review Topic: Adjustment of Status

Appointment 8:05am - Arrived at 7:50am. Security very brief, barely a minute - present interview letter, scan bags and remove belts through metal detector. Small waiting room, about 3 or 4 other couples already there. Immigration Officer called me (and husband) by name at 8:05. Very friendly gentleman. Thanked my husband for his service as both are veterans.

- Checked our ID docs, passports, NM licenses.
- Re-asked questions to me and him about about our info, parents' names, our locations of birth
- Re-asked the long list "Have you been involved in terrorism?" etc from i-485
- Asked me last date of entry to US, kind of visa, where did I fly into (which I got wrong embarrassingly), purpose of travel, how long did I originally want to be visiting the US.
- Asked about "our story" of getting together, he made notes from this.
- Asked date of marriage, location of marriage
- Asked spouse about people in the photos I had sent in with my orig. application.
- Had quick look at photos I brought (10 new ones), and documents to show evidence of relationship (rental agreement, bills, shared bank account, a flight we took on holiday)
- He copied the docs that evidenced relationship where I wanted to keep originals.
- Told us he would approve it today and gave us a document as to what that means.

Very nice experience. Professional IO but still kind and friendly. Probably lasted the whole 40 minutes I expected. Also he said when I want to apply for citizenship to do it via the military since spouse is a veteran, then it's FREE! Very helpful!