Consulate / USCIS Member Review #19330

Barbados Review on April 18, 2016:

Blue Raven

Blue Raven

Review Topic: K1 Visa

Dear Team,

Today my partner and I had our K-1 Visa interviews and were approved.

We arrived at 7:45 am for our 9:00 am interview. We had two bags: my purse and a leather portfolio with all of our documents with me. They would not let me bring in my purse. They argued with me about my portfolio, but I told them that I must have this because it contains our papers - 3-hole punched. In the end, they allowed me the portfolio, but only if I removed the calculator inside. They provide lockers for bags.

We went through airport style security. On the inside, a woman passed out numbers to others, but not to "green card" applicants (K-1 visas are in this category). We are told to go to another room and instructed to walk up to Window 3 when she is available. The woman in Window 3 called other names so we didn't know exactly when to approach. 20 minutes later, the female guide/security guard said: "I told you that you were next in line". So next time Window 3 was available, we walked up. She asked us for his invitation letter and DS160 Confirmation sheet. Then she sent us back to our seats.

20 minutes later she called us again to ask for the following:
- His birth Certificate
- His Medical Examination from the requisite clinic
- The Affidavit of Support
- My 2015 Tax Returns
- His passport
- His Passport Picture
She also asked me for an Employer letter and how many people lived in my household.

She then allowed us to go to Window 11 (or 12) to pay the US$265 visa fee and return to her window with the receipt. She then sent us back to our seats.

30 minutes later we were called to Window 1 (middle age white man). As the fiancee, he told me that I could stand there, but not speak unless he asked me a question directly. Questions he asked:
- How did we meet?
- Where was our first date?
- Has he been to the United States before?
- What did he do while there?
He also needed to see his expired passport which contained his original student visa.

He returned his passports with a green slip. We were approved.

We caught the taxi to DHL. DHL sent his passport back to the embassy along with the green slip and a pre-paid DHL label. (As a Caricom citizen, he can travel home without a passport because he has two other Antiguan picture IDs.)

Can't wait until he receives his official visa.

The people that we spoke to (Window 1 and Window 3) were quite pleasant to interact with. We enjoyed the process.

Last Comments:

1) The information that they give you in every packet from the embassy is a bit outdated, but they are quite responsive to emailed requests for clarification:
2) While waiting we were able to observe the interview processes for numerous tourist, student, and business visas. The gentleman at Window 6 (older white gentleman), made the process extremely unpleasant for the petitioners in his window. He was extremely loud and unbelievably condescending. We heard all of his applicants' business even though we could not hear what was being said at the windows right next to our ears. Furthermore, we knew all young people or less professional looking people speaking with him would be immediately denied for some reason. Please dress professionally, not casually.