Consulate / USCIS Member Review #1878

Czech Republic Review on August 6, 2007:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Overall we've had a good and timely K1 Visa process. The interview was scheduled about 3 weeks after we made the appointment and about 4 weeks after we received the packet of information from the embassy. The interview literally lasted about 3 mins, in which only 3 questions were asked!

Do you speak English?
How did you meet?
You fiance is an aviator, what is he doing now?
... ok.. you're good to go!

Maja left her passport overnight and the visa was ready the next day.

Two complaints however. Being a slovak citizen, it is very inconvienent to travel to the Czech Republic for the interview. The Bratislava embassy should be able to conduct these 5 min interviews themselves. Furthermore, if they are going to do the Slovak Republic Interviews at the embassy in the Czech Republic, then they should AT LEAST provide instructions in Slovak not Czech (not that Maja can't read or speak Czech.. they're extremely similiar... its the point of the matter) For the medical examination she had to go to a doctor in Prague, not in Slovakia. This meant she had to drive 9 hours to Prague and stay for 3 days... just to do a 20 min medical exam, a 5 min interview, and pick up a passport. Reputable Slovak doctors should provided as well as instructions in Slovak. Its the least they can do. Otherwise.. it all went off without a hitch.