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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #18576

Senegal Review on December 16, 2015:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

Dakar, Senegal, just like the Malian embassy in Bamako (that does not process CR or IR visas) will respond overnight to tell you what they can not do for you, American citizen, but when you are right, they are no where to be found. Watch every application on ceac in this range... DKR2015559000 to DKR2015559015. Every one goes into AP. In our own case Dakar decided they needed to see (illegal to obtain in Mali) civil divorce certificate for a religious marriage contracted prior to 2011 - recorded in error by a third party renewing his visa. Totally disclosed at application error on his prior O visa, before he met me. They never asked for a "marriage certificate" (it was not a civil marriage), no issues USCIS/NVC but now some not so bright Dakar CO is asking for an illegal to obtain divorce certificate? Three step warnings for Mali in the last week, and the fact that I am leaving tomorrow, my only question is "how can Dakar can ask for illegal to obtain" documents and refuse to see what my husband had to show from the lower courts (hussier). I hope that when I am in Mali (2 days from now and our third trip together in 511 days since our IR1 app, including EU) that Malian courts can produce a document that tells Dakar "who do you think you are how we should run our country and to ask for illegal documents" I will be vindicated. Thanks for the step warnings. My husband is more important to me regardless what nonsense you throw at me. Dakar...if you have to clue how to process a IR1, send it back to NVC so we can get someone who has a clue. Anyone interviewing there....I pity you!

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