Consulate / USCIS Member Review #1823

Barbados Review on July 22, 2007:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

My fiance went to the Medical on Tuesday July 19, 2007, at the Diagnostic Medical Clinic in Barbados. This is where all visa applicants from the Eastern Caribbean go for the medical. He arrived at 7:30am. He took a number and waited until they called his number. When it was called he went before the desk clerk who took his interview letter and passport photos. He then waited a few minutes until they called him to do the chest x-ray. He went back to wait about 15-20 min and then went for his blood test and any vaccines he was missing, came back waited a bit and went to his urine test. Then he went for a vision test on a Snell chart (letters on the wall).

After these tests and a small wait he then went for the physical exam. He dis-robed and had a normal physical. The doctor gave him instructions about the vaccines and other information about the process.

The desk clerk took the doctors findings and sent him to pay the cashier.
With the extra vaccines he needed, the cost was $190US.

Kellon had to go back around 10am the next day. He needed his passport to collect the packet. They gave Kellon a page with vaccine information for him to use for himself for AOS.

The Interview
Kellon got to the Embassy around 7:30am. (His interview was officially for the week before but the embassy will allow you to come interview at any point within the same month, just check in with the Embassy about this)
At the Embassy there are small lockers and and a security desk that you can leave small things like cell phones in. The desk will issue you a key. Ladies can bring in a purse after it is cleared with security.
At the door the security guard asked what visa Kellon was there for and she sent him to the appropriate area. When he got to the right waiting/interview room he presented his letter to a clerk inside and she told him to wait until his name was called. I joined Kellon soon after when I got in from my flight. He was called to the first desk after waiting about an hour. The lady asked us for our documents one at a time.

We gave her:
DS-156K (one original)
DS-156 (in duplicate)
His birth certificate (and one photocopy so we could get his original back)
His Police checks (one original)
Affidavit of Support from Sponsor (one Original plus copies of all to get originals back)
Affidavit of Support from "joint sponsor"
Envelope from the medical

When she asked for the Police Checks she realized the one from Canada was missing. She asked us about it and Kellon responded that we had applied for it in reasonable time but that we still had not received it. She asked if we had tried to contact them and Kellon replied that we had. We had brought printouts of the emails we had sent to Canada but she didn't need to see them. She noted all this on the sheet.

We were told to sit back down and wait until we were called up again. After about a half hour we were called up to another window. Kellon was sworn in and the interviewer began by asking "Is this your wife?" Kellon answered "soon to be". The CO smiled and said "ah, your fiance"
The CO asked if we had met each other parents, and since we hadn't, why not. He asked if our families are supportive of our marriage and we both said yes. He asked how we met and how our relationshp progressed. He asked if I went back to the states after we met and I said no, he asked it a couple different ways and I said that I am a Peace Corps volunteer and so I'm down here for two years. He said "ahh, I see". He checked to see if we had been living together and then didn't really ask anything after that. He said that he can't finish the processing until he receives the police check from Canada. He gave us a 221-g requesting that document. He never asked to see our letters of intent, any evidence of relationship...or most of anything in our expertly put together file!

We were standing there fumbling to put everything back in the file and I think we looked a bit lost because he said, "your approved" and after we were still standing there in shock he said...'Congratulations!"

I verified mailing arrangements with him and then we left.

When the police check comes in we will DHL it with his passport back to the Embassy, they will put the visa in it and send it back in our pre-paid envelope.

Phew! What an experience!

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