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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #16607

Senegal Review on April 16, 2015:



Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

My husband had his interview this morning at the Embassy in Dakar, Senegal.

They looked at his passport and checked it in the computer.
They asked him the following questions: What is your wife's name? Where does she live? They asked about his nickname, "Sana Vincen," which I included as a nickname in the IV application because all our correspondence via Facebook is under his account with that name. He also uses that name for email. How did you meet your wife? In what year did you meet? What is the date of your marriage?
They viewed the originals and took photocopies of both his birth certificate and police record.
There was a problem with the marriage certificate because I mistakenly thought that he also had an original, but he only has a certified copy, which he showed to the CO.

He was then given a 221G letter with the following items circled: marriage certificate, with the notation "original," medical certificate (even though he had visited Dr. Hassan and had an exam, blood taken and chest x-ray done in the days preceding the interview), as well as the item at the bottom that indicates that the case requires additional administrative processing. The item that says the embassy will contact you for your next interview or appointment was also circled.
They did not keep his passport.
They asked for a phone number where he could be reached.
They did not ask to see any of the pictures or other evidence of our relationship that he had with him.

Does anyone know what we can expect in the coming days and weeks? Here are my thoughts and concerns:
He has a pretty common last name from his country of Guinea and he has the nickname--perhaps additional background checks have to be performed. His name is also Muslim.
Did we get admin review simply because he didn't have the original marriage certificate?
He went back to the clinic after the interview, showed the 221G and they said to wait for a call from the embassy.
I've heard people say that administrative processing AP is common at the Dakar Embassy.

Trying to stay calm, but it's disappointing after envisioning seeing him very soon.

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