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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #1639

Barbados Review on May 29, 2007:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

The process was very simple. Both me and my fiance went to Barbados. We had to get the medical stuff done the day before so that we could receieve the results the next day and take them with us to the interview. We arrived about 30 minutes before our interview and after waiting 45 minutes we were called by a lady and she collected our documents one by one and entered the information into the computer. She was very nice and was actually giving me suggestions for my cold. After all of our documents were received which only took anout 15 minutes, we sat down and waited to be called again by another lady which swore us in and asked soe simple questions such as "how long have we been together, do we have children, have either of us ever been married and have we set a wedding date." After that she told us to come back at 3pm to receive the visa. The experience was relaxed and simple for us. We had all of our documents organized and the medical stuff was good.

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