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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #15108

Yemen Review on September 2, 2014:



Review Topic: K1 Visa

Fiance had a good interview. Main problem was booking interview. They sent a paper to my address in the USA to let us know of interview date but it was sent AFTER the date of the proposed interview. This happened twice. In Yemen it already takes 8+ months to get an interview date so this was very unwelcome. My fiance did have the embassy email our interview letter the 2nd time which helped us not miss our date.

Overall the interview went well. The consul officer talked to my fiance for over an hour. It sounded like he was having trouble with their internal computer system. He asked questions about how we met, what I do, asked to see our AOS, how my Arabic was and so on. My fiance felt like the consul was very kind and they had good conversation.

The interview was in Arabic/English. The consul was bilingual.

He told my fiance he was approved and he would receive his visa in 2-3 weeks. They took his passport, and he also handed him a white paper saying his interview date and that "Please be informed your case required additional administrative processing, a normal part of the immigrant visa application procedure. We cannot predict how long this processing will take, but we assure you that your case will be handled as expeditiously as possible and we will contact you once it is ready."

It's been over a month and one week and our case status still says 'READY for Interview'.

P.S. They also asked for home phone numbers from my fiance for his neighbors and friends which he did not know because they took his phone. He put down one cell phone number, and then turned it in. But I am afraid this is going to delay our case. After our interview by a month, we received our Interview Notice in the mail ( no idea why they are so slow) and it had the same form in it asking for phone numbers) that we were supposed to have brought to the interview. We would have if they would have sent to us before, or in time, or let us know. I think this is how they do checks on the beneficiary to make sure they are not married for a K-1 visa.

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