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Charlotte NC Review on January 13, 2005:

Review Topic: General Review

I was sick (and still is) during my interview and i think it helped! lol! It's not recommended but read on to find out why:

Interview date: Jan 10,2005
time: 1:45pm
USCIS Charlotte

I live 15 mins away from the Service Center so we got there at a very convenient time before the aforementioned schedule. All our belongings were hand-checked and x-rayed thru the scanner machine. Security was a little too strict.They didnt allow my bottle of water in even after expressing my little reason for wanting to bring it in.No compassion whatsoever, so, warning, don't even bother bringing WATER in, moreso, FOOD! Needless to say, my hubby had to run back to the car to leave my bottle of water there. :sleepy:

We were instructed to go to the Appointment room. It is to the right from where the main door is. We juz got in and settling our selves to sit when an officer came in and started calling names. First one called was not present. Second one called was my name. Hadn't even warmed our seats yet! :lol:

We followed the officer to his office. Here's the fun part. We were both sniffling and he looked like he was having a headache! His first comment as we entered his office was , " I know how you feel now". He made us swore to tell the truth and told us to sit. Then offered and gave me cough candies! :lol: That was really nice of him. And because we're both sick and he probably doesnt want to get exposed to more virus (he's have bronchitis for having the cold for a week now and with me telling him my brother almost died of it, muz have scared him to death! :blush: ) he said he'll make the interview as short as he can. And he did! No other Q's asked except for the usual set of Q's found on the I-485 application form. Took the new I-864 along with the tax records and employment letter,my I-94, my I-765 card,copies of our marriage cert and birth cert of both me and our child. Printed out the I-551 form that me and my hubby signed. Gave me a copy. Told us the usual instruction as to when to file I-751. And that within 2 weeks i would get my Green card in the mail. Stamped my passport with temporary evidence of 1-551 which he decided to give 1 yr validity even if i'd get my card within 2 weeks. Wrapped up the interview with final Q from us and bade us bye bye... It was a breeze. I was out of there at 1:47pm! Now that I call excellent service! :luv:

The interview was very easy and casual. I wasn't even nervous (maybe coz i was bz feeling sick! :lol: ) So everyone who are to go thru the same route, this i can say...sit back and relax and don't bother worrying about the interview. Juz make sure u get all the required documents ready and you'll be fine!

If you have any Q's , drop me a note and i'll be happy to share my thots! Best of Luck to all!

Happy to be over with half of this journey...