Consulate / USCIS Member Review #142

Charlotte NC Review on February 15, 2005:

Review Topic: General Review

So I had my AOS interview today, at 10 am in Charlotte.

We had to rent a car, because Jason's piece of crap car would never make it all the way there without breaking down at least twice. It's been doing that a lot lately. I have long been suspecting that he has some really obscure form of Munchausen by proxy projected onto his vehicles because we've really never had a car that worked right for longer than 2 weeks, but I digress :P

We were up until 1, making copies of stuff and then sorting everything. Then we got up at 5, that was quite painful. We left Asheville at about 6, just to make sure we would be on time. The rental car did great and I had a nap in the passenger seat. We pulled into the Tyvola Center place just after 8, and decided that since we now knew where it was and had some time to kill we'd go get some breakfast. We ate biscuits at the Bojangles down the road (I think everyone waiting for an appointment goes there :-p)

We had to go get some cheap razors for Jason, because he had done a crappy job shaving himself in the shower, and it being dark, my mind occupied and sleepy, I hadn't noticed it any sooner :-p
By then it was 8.50 or so, and we decided to go in. I had forgotten all about the line on my appointment letter that says "Please be on time, but no more than 45 minutes early" Woops. The security person let me in though.
We were directed to a waiting room. All phones are supposed to be turned off inside the building, so I could no longer tell what time it was :-p

I'm guessing my name was called at around 10.15 or so.

A very nice lady took us to her office. She sat us down, no swearing in or anything. She wanted to see state issued ID for the both of us and my passport, I-94 (Which was still stapled in my passport, she ripped it out right away) and work authorization card.

The first thing she asked was if the address on the I-485 was still the right one. I told her it wasn't and she wrote the other one next to it in pen. I told her I had filed for change of address, but clearly that's disappeared in another INS/BCIS/USCIS black hole. No surprise there :-p

Then she asked us how we met. Jason was his usual talkative self, so I really didn't have to say much for the duration of the interview.
The officer then wanted to know what I had brought for her as evidence, copies and such. I started handing her copies of our rental agreements and bills with both our names and blah blah. I kept handing her stuff, but she stopped me after 3 or 4.
She kept messing with her paperwork, stamping stuff and writing stuff down.
She asked me all the communist/terrorist/prostitute questions from the I-485.

Then there was some problem with the new zipcode when she tried to put the address into the computer. Apparently the only Asheville zipcode it would recognise was 28801. How odd.
I gave her the new affidavit of support, copies of our 2004 W2's and our 2003 tax returns. I also gave her my "Letter of employer", the only thing she really read all the way. I was very happy with that letter btw, my employer called me valuable and stuff, it kicked ### :-D
She didn't want the Co-sponsor's affidavit, which is great news for my co-sponsoring friend.

Then she asked if we had had a big wedding. While Jason talked about the wedding, I handed her our wedding album, she kinda glanced through it and commented on the fact that I wore red, and asked me if that dragon on my head was a tattoo.

She never asked me for my vaccination supplement so I assume it must have made its way from the embassy to her desk. Good thing I decided not to go out of my way/spend lots of money to get a new one.

Then she told me she wasn't giving me my I-94 and work authorization card back, as I wouldn't be needing them anymore (Never asked for my AP though) and stamped my passport. She explained that the stamp was temporary evidence of my residency, and would allow me to leave the country and work and all that good stuff, while waiting for the actual Green Card to come in the mail, which it should do in 10 days (Hooray for the new faster cards eh? :D)
Both Jason and I had to sign a form that said she had told us that we have to file for my 10 year green card in 2 years, or else :-p

It all lasted maybe 10 minutes or so, including the time it took for her to deal with her computer issue.

I think that's about it .... I might have forgotten some details but meh :P