Consulate / USCIS Member Review #141

Charlotte NC Review on April 14, 2005:


Review Topic: General Review

At fingerprints and biometrics in Charlotte today, we were at first not allowed in since her passport had her maiden name and her receipt(NOA) is in her new last name. I said that I had asked this question while making the appt, and I was told this would not be problem. We showed teh Social Security Card in her new last name. They did not accept that as identification (must be a picture id). Then they asked for a marriage certificate (which is not a picture id - go figure). I said that the certificate was sent in with the application, otherwise we would not have gotten the NOAs in the first place.

The gatekeeper went back and talked to the CIS official, then came back 5 minutes later and let us in. While my wife was getting the fingerprints done, the technician doing the prints asked for a marriage certificate. My wife told him that it was sent in with the application. He nodded and simply continued and finished all her biometrics (for both EAD and AOS).

So moral is to have the applicant's identification in the exact name as the NOA notices. So if applicant changes name, get a state ID card in the new name or get the passport changed to the new name, or bring your original application with Marriage certificate with you.

Traveler747 (A&M)