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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #13897

France Review on February 20, 2014:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Appointment at 1pm and we were out by 3pm. It would have been earlier but we had an issue with the chronopost enveloppe; long story short get the 2kg pochette (just a friendly advice)!
Very nice and professionnal staff.
My fiancé was with me and even though I had sent an email to the embassy to let them know about (they wrote me back saying my fiancé could come) one of the security guy would'nt let him get in. We were really upset but another security guy told us everything was fine that he could get in (totally nerve wracking)
Inside the embassy we were called first time for the notification to attend to the interview; second time (15 mn later) same lady took my fingerprints, gathered all the documents she needed : affidavit of support, mandat compte receipt, enveloppe, ds 160, us size picture, passport, medical sealed enveloppe, birth certificate and police record (for the affidavit of support, she just took the form along with the w2 for 2013. No paycheck stubs, letter from employer or else). She gave us back our pictures from the I-129f. She did not need the military record (japd) but said to keep it for aos. I think that was it. She just told us to wait for the co.
30 mn later we were called by a nice woman that made me take oath. My fiancé could stay at window but was not able to talk. She asked how did we met, how did we progressed between online chatting to romance, how many times my fiancé has come to visit me, if the baby was my fiancés, then typed on her computer for what felt like hours before telling us that the interview went well.

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