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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #1234

Review on January 29, 2007:

U.S. Wendy

Review Topic: K1 Visa

I found my interactions with officials at the Albanian Embassy frustrating. They were not rude....but I only actually spoke to one real human there. Call and they transfer you to one of three lines, no one answers on that end and the voice-mail boxes are full. I kept calling and when I finally speak to someone, they tell me "wait...." and give no further information. No one made any effort to research our case or 'go the extra mile.' I tried to fax them (over here we are 6 hours behind) after work and the fax wouldn't even go through.
I tried to have our case transferred from Greece. The Greek Embassy said my fiance needed to make the request through the Albanian Embassy, however whenever my fiance called the Albaninan Embassy he could not get through either. We waited (2) two months to get that cleared up and only after threatening with my senator and house rep, that I, too, am a federal employee, calls and e-mails, (too many to count); did they finally make the switch. Two months might not seem like a long time for them, but they are not the ones desperate, we are. For them, this is business as usual. For me, this is my life. I might get hit by a bus tomorrow and I'd like to spend what days I have with the one I love....now that I've FINALLY found him!!!! Excuse me!!!!
They are slow, slow, slow, always seem to be on holiday or closed for building construction or whatever. They give you a two-hour window to make all your inquires.....well, now they will do nothing without having the request IN WRITING. Ever mailed something to Albania? You are lucky if it makes the intended destination....but you might not be able to fax so you better plan to use DHL which can run you about $100.00 a shot. Good luck. I'm praying for this to be over very soon.

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