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Consulate / USCIS Member Review #12025

Review on May 28, 2013:


Review Topic: IR-1/CR-1 Visa

I was able to be with my husband the benefiary every step of the interview and at the airport customs. The only complaint I had was the secretary for the Doctor who does the physical. She isn't the nicest person to deal with and she made a point to tell us that the physicals aren't a priority.

We got to the embassy at about 830am and were out by 10:00. We picked up the visa the following day. Ms Smith is who we dealt with before we went to see the interviewer. She went through our papers and made sure everything was set. First my husband took fingerprints then he went in for questions. They asked him how we met. Where his family lived and the names of my family members. They asked where we got married and how many people attended. Then they called me and asked the exact questions and asked for pictures which I had brought.

It was very easy and stress free. When we picked up the visa the following day we were in and out. We were given the instructions to pay the immigrant fee and verify all information on the visa was correct.

We got to the airport 2 hours ahead. We sat in an area to the side while they did whatever they needed to complete. I was able to wait with him then went up to the desk once they were ready. They took fingerprints and gave us instructions on getting a social security number and when his green card would come and we were on our way.

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