Consulate / USCIS Member Review #10406

South Africa Review on September 14, 2012:


Review Topic: K1 Visa

Hi VJers,

My fiance, a citizen of Botswana, had his K1 visa at the end of August at the Joburg Consulate. Interview went very smooth, no trick questions, and although we had mountains of evidence for the I-134, nothing was specifically asked for. The one hiccup was that the Consulate's printer was broken, so although he was approved at the end of the interview, he had to travel back to Botswana, DHL his passport to the Joburg Consulate and arrange for DHL to pick it up and ship it to Botswana---at his own cost. That added another 2 weeks from the time he got approved to when he physically had his visa. Other than that the Consular staff were super responsive and friendly. I'd be contacting them with questions for about a year hahaha.

One piece of advice--we had experienced a VERY quick turn around time from when we submitted our DS-2001 via email(form which states my fiance was documentarily ready for interview) and when the interview was booked. Literally, it was booked for like 7 days after he submitted the form. Because he was coming from the north of Botswana on buses (2-3 day trip to Joburg)and was currently employed full time, it was hard to organize an international trip so quickly. So if you are coming from a surrounding Southern African country which is serviced by the Joburg Consulate just be VERY ready to drop everything and shoot to Joburg when you submit your DS-2001. We had thought they would schedule the interview a month away or at least some weeks based on other reviews.